Our Story

“A loveless heart in need of love unfailingly puts man through a restless pursuit of the missing. God, freedom, art and love are awaiting him on his way in the desert of need, wondering from which spring he would fill his empty urn.” Chandelle

For thirty years we have been into such tragedy whose hero acts the most antiheroic: a crime with no criminal, a conviction with no convict, a murder with no murderer, and guilt with no one guilty!

Like a worshiper who never finds his idol but calls on him in the temple of his memory; writes him and without him in a memory-like dream of him dies a thousand times out of doubt and is born a thousand times out of faith.

“Art, the continuation of God’s creation” that is our sin and our forgiver, our heresy and our faith, our doubt and our certitude, our polytheism and our monotheism, our outside demon and our inside God, the embrace for our sorrows, the sleeve for our tears, the rest for our restlessness and the peace in all our turbulences, is in the candleless house of history. And calligraphy, the seductive oriental girl with her thousand-year-old necklace of words and geometric coquetries of her enticing delicate figure, whose dalliances smell of illuminationist philosophy, has contaminated us with a sin that tolerates neither patience nor repentance; leaving us neither with the ability to abandon, nor with the grip to embrace!

Outcomes of such a lifetime ardor far from the self and others in a peaceful yet painful solitude are calligraphic sculptures in the manner of Aphrodite; standing atop Mount Olympus and sleeping on Ares’ bed, that glitter in your hands from the labyrinths of the evacuated temple of human civilization’s memory, like a duet from a unique symphony of love and doubt, piety and sin, sobriety and inebriety. They whisper into your soul’s hundred-year-old ear the thousands-year-old tune of all lovers who have turn into ashes in “regret for missing and craze for having”.

Join to watch the dance of these unrepeatable sculptures and store the memoir in your memory and your offspring’s.

DoGaah Founders

Value of DoGaah artworks is deeply rooted in its designers’ solid background in painting and calligraphy who are celebrated artists with an average of 30 years of work experience in visual arts and their works have been presented in prominent fashion websites such as “Vogue” and are being sold at thousands of dollars across the globe.

Our Family

We are promoting a great teamwork here.

Our family includes designers and calligraphers, modelers and software experts, high-skilled jewelry makers, photography and visualization studios, branding and marketing agency, social media management team, exhibition management and sales team, consultants and other trusted persons collaborating with DoGaah.

House Of Design

We are delighted to host rightly celebrated and creative Middle-Eastern calligraphers in Do’Gaah house of design. The foundation of this house is not only superior skill in the art of calligraphy, but also unbounded innovation in order to perfectly illustrate the beautifulness of calligraphic forms through converting such forms into artistic products and accessories.

If you think you can join us in this house, do not hesitate to contact us and introduce yourself through .

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