DoGaah Basics

As it happens, we have developed a new and modern approach to Middle-Eastern calligraphy by bringing this historically respected art out of paper and canvas and turning it into modern small sculptures in the form of accessories supplying fashion market with.

Value of DoGaah artworks is deeply rooted in its designers’ solid background in painting and calligraphy who are celebrated artists with an average of 30 years of work experience in visual arts and their works are sold thousands of dollars across the globe; such designs are manufactured by extremely skilled craftspeople in a time consuming process using qualified materials.

The result is unique high-end artistic handmade accessories with high fabrication costs. On account of creating unique accessories, the cost becomes much more remarkable; Yes! All artworks are unique and there is no second edition the world. In fact, in terms of DoGaah artworks, if there is one thing that can be guaranteed, it would be UNIQUENESS.

To make a long story short, when it comes to DoGaah, you are dealing with pieces of art and should not expect ‘value for money’ in a material sense – we do not sell gold pieces by the ounce!

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