Mohammad Bozorgi: Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

In the realm of contemporary art, my specialisation is a distinctive fusion of classical artistry, engineering precision, and avant-garde technology. With over three decades of dedicated practice, I have mastered classical & modern art principles, using traditional techniques as the bedrock for my innovative expressions. The marriage of my artistic skills with an engineering background empowers me to boldly manipulate forms and letters, transcending conventional artistic boundaries. This unique approach extends into the digital realm, where I am recognised for pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence, virtual and mixed reality in art. Beyond the canvas, my commitment to knowledge-based management and collaborative teamwork underscores my role as a visionary leader in the art community, fostering courage and hope among emerging talents. In essence, my specialisation forms a dynamic convergence of classical tradition, engineering finesse, and cutting-edge technology, carving a distinctive niche within the vibrant landscape of contemporary art.


Born & live in Iran, Tehran 1978


  • Elite Diploma, Society of Iranian Calligraphers, Tehran, Iran 2009
  • Executive MBA Degree from Industrial Management Institute, Tehran, Iran 2009
  • BS in Biomedical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran 2002

Solo Exhibitions:

  • Ayyam Gallery: Jeddah-2014, Dubai-2015, Dubai-2016, Beirut-2016, Dubai-2017
  • Homa Art Gallery, Tehran-2012


  • Opera Gallery, Dubai-2012
  • Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Dubai-2013
  • Magic of Persia, London-2013
  • Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Jeddah-2013
  • Ayyam Gallery, Young Collectors Auction, Dubai-2014

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